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Wildfire Aware in 2023

Happy New Year from Wildfire Aware!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Wildfire Aware. We are excited about what the new year holds in the continued development of app enhancements. While we always hope that wildfire does not come to a your community, we know that you want the most reliable information possible when it does.

To help everyone gain awareness around wildfires, we will be hosting a series of weekly posts.

  • Wildfire Trivia Tuesdays: Every Tuesday, we will test your Wildfire Awareness with Wildfire Trivia Tuesdays because who doesn't love a good trivia question?

  • Wildfire Aware Wednesdays: A weekly post that summarizes the current state of wildfire weather throughout the United States and the current wildfire situation.

  • Wildfire Terminology Thursdays: The Wildfire industry to rich in jargon that the general public doesn't know or understand. We are here to help bridge the gap between the two.

  • Fun Factoid Fridays: You never know when you will need to know a fun factoid for Jeopardy or Trivia.

  • Statistical Saturdays: Our founder, Rachael Brady, secretly (or not so secretly) love statistics, so every week, we will bring you a random wildfire statistic.

Happy 2023 everyone, we hope wildfire does not come to your door this year, but if it does, we hope you are Wildfire Aware.

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