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Wildfire Aware Situation Report: Thursday | August 10, 2023

Welcome to the Wildfire Aware Situation Report for Wednesday, August 10, 2023, for the United States. Initial Attack activity continues to be LIGHT, with 100 NEW FIRES reported. There are 4 NEW LARGE FIRES in Texas.

Wildfire Aware providing quick notifications about wildfires.
Wildfire Aware Situation Report

  • Little Mesa (CO)

  • Craft (TX)

  • Monkey Creek (TX)

  • Cedar Top (TX)

2 large fires were contained. There are a total of 39 UNCONTAINED LARGE FIRES currently.

  • Bedrock (OR)

  • Flat (OR)

  • Simnasho (OR)

  • Diamond (AZ)

  • Cottonwood Ridge (AZ)

  • Spoon (AZ)

  • Grapevine (AZ)

  • Carnero (AZ)

  • Midnight Tank (AZ)

  • Beef Corral (AZ)

  • Dart (AZ)

  • Eskiminzin (AZ)

  • Cave (AZ)

  • Guzzler (AZ)

  • Gold Hill (AZ)*

  • Prior (NM)*

  • Pasture (NM)*

  • Turkey (NM)*

  • Corduroy (AZ)*

  • Divide (NM)*

  • Noonday (NM)*

  • Davis (AZ)*

  • Dark (NM)*

  • Apple Tree (NM)*

  • Tub (NM)*

  • Pass (NM)*

  • Floridas (NM)*

  • York (CA)

  • Bonny (CA)

  • Agua (CA)

  • No Name (CA)

  • Cowtrack (CA)*

  • Pika (CA)*

  • Colt (MT)

  • Midnight (ID)

  • Consalus (ID)

  • Bowles Creek (MT)*

  • Big Knife (MT)*

  • Little Bear (ID)*

  • Hayden (ID)

  • Elk Horn (ID)*

  • Lowline (CO)

  • Hogpen (TX)

  • Teklanika River (AK)*

  • McCoy Creek (AK)*

  • Pogo Mine Road (AK)*

  • Ponds (AK)*

  • Holonada (AK)*

  • Dagislakhna (AK)*

  • Delta (AK)*

  • Pick (AK)*

  • Eagle Bluff (WA)

  • Treadway (AZ)

  • Pilgrim (AZ)

  • Wildcat (AZ)*

  • Carlota (AZ)*

  • Middle Ridge (MT)

  • Niarada (MT)

  • Anderson Complex (AK)*

  • Preacher (AK)*

  • Crooked (AK)*

  • Tin Soldier Complex (MT)

  • Ridge (MT)

  • Sawtooth (ID)*

  • Grade (OR)

  • Granite Gap (NM)

  • Mill Pocket (MT)

  • East Fork (MT)

  • West Fork (ID)

  • Sidney (ID)

  • Sourdough (WA)

  • Black Lagoon (LA)

  • Kevinjik (AK)*

  • Wickersham (AK)*

  • Hodzana (AK)*

  • Judge (AK)*

  • Titna (AK)*

  • Jordan (AK)*

  • Rock (AK)*

  • Nowitna (AK)*

  • Clear Creek (AK)*

  • Browns (AK)*

  • Gravel Pit (MT)

  • Ridge Creek (ID)

  • Porcupine (NM)*

  • Boundary (AZ)*

  • Lost Horse Creek (AK)*

  • Dry Lake (CO)

  • Buckskin 2 (ID)*

  • Kane (AZ)

  • High Range (OR)*

  • Airplane Lake (WA)*

  • Thompson Ridge (UT)*

  • Almond (CA)*

  • Double Back (TX)

  • Red Barn 7 (TX)

  • Black Feather(NM)

  • Brazy (AZ)

  • White Lake (NM)

  • Salmon (OR)

  • Priceboro (OR)

  • Agency Butte (WA)

  • Mount Hayes (AK)*

  • Quartz Ridge (CO)

  • Soto (AZ)

  • Sand Lake (AK)

  • Wood (AK)*

  • Bear Creek (CO)

  • Jennings (TX)

*Nationally, 62 fires are being managed under a strategy other than full suppression.

We remain at National Preparedness Level 3.

Wildfire Aware Situation Report: Weather Discussion

Wildfire Aware providing quick notifications about wildfires.
Wildfire Aware Situation Report

Provided by the National Interagency Fire Center

Hot, dry, and breezy conditions will remain centered across Texas and the Lower Mississippi Valley although conditions will not be as critical as yesterday. The Hawaiian Island chain will experience decreasing wind speeds although dry conditions will remain. Monsoonal moisture will be found over the greater Four Corners area and provide a mix of wet and dry thunderstorms and gusty outflow winds. Warmer, drier, and locally breezy conditions will prevail across the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies. Increasing humidity and scattered showers with isolated generally wet thunderstorms will affect the southern half of California while warmer and drier conditions remain across the northern half. Large portions of the East will continue to receive abundant precipitation while conditions remain dry across the upper Great Lakes. The southern half of Alaska will remain cool and somewhat moist with scattered showers and thunderstorms while the North Slope and northern Interior will be much warmer and drier.

Red Flag Warnings are in effect across most of Texas and in Northeastern Montana. The Storm Prediction Center has issued an area of fire weather concern for Texas for another day.

If you would like to become Wildfire Aware, download the Wildfire Aware app in your App Store today and receive notifications about new fires near the areas you care about.

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