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Wildfire Terminology: Geographic Area Coordination Centers

Geographic Area Coordination Centers (GACCs) are the most integral information centers in the United States for wildfire management. GACCs are responsible for managing the nation’s response to wildfires and providing critical coordination and situational awareness to local, state, tribal, and multiple agency partners. The GACCs serve as the focal point for a comprehensive approach to wildland fire management. There are 9 GACCS located throughout the United States.

Geographic Area Coordinate Centers excluding Alaska.

GACCs are a division of the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) located in Boise, Idaho. The GACCs have staff and multiple communications systems in order to better assist in the coordination of wildland fire resources. GACCs are often in contact with local, state, regional, and national firefighting organizations at all times in order to ensure that the best information is readily available for firefighting decisions.

GACCs play a vital role in the execution of wildfire suppression. They are responsible for assigning resources to incidents, ensuring accurate tracking of all resources, assessing fire danger, and aiding in tactical decision-making. Furthermore, GACCs support training and coordination efforts, as well as logistical support and risk management operations.

GACCs have the ability to maintain open lines of communication with a variety of partners. This includes agencies like the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and National Park Service. They also collaborate with other field offices and dispatch centers as well as law enforcement agencies and state fire marshal offices. In addition, GACCs actively partner with local and state Emergency Management agencies, as well as any other Wildfire-related organizations.

In sum, the GACCs are essential information centers that serve as the link between local, state, and national agencies during wildfire management. GACCs are an integral part of the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho and are responsible for providing essential communication and coordination during wildland fire suppression. GACCs collaborate with a variety of organizations, including federal and local agencies, dispatch centers, law enforcement, emergency management, and more. Their broad reach ensures that all necessary resources are available when needed and that situational awareness is always up to date.

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