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Firewise USA: Increase Your Community’s Wildfire Preparedness

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) through its Firewise USA program works with communities across the US to help them learn about their exposure to wildfire risk and to take proactive steps to reduce that risk. Over 1,900 communities have already taken advantage of this program and are taking steps to protect themselves. Let’s dive into what this program has to offer.

The Firewise Program Framework

The NFPA created the Firewise USA program as a framework for community members to work together and reduce their wildfire risk. Through this framework, neighbors can come together as a group and identify any potential fire hazards in their area, create an evacuation plan that suits their community’s needs, and take mitigative action by removing debris or creating firebreaks. This program also emphasizes education; it teaches residents how to create defensible space around homes and other structures, how to properly store combustibles like fuel or propane tanks, and how to use fire-resistant building materials when constructing new buildings or renovating existing ones.

Another important part of the Firewise USA program is that it encourages neighbors to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to wildfires. It focuses on early detection measures like using smoke detectors or having an emergency evacuation plan in place so that residents can get out safely if a wildfire does break out. Additionally, local government officials can use data from Firewise sites in order to better prepare for future fires by analyzing past incidents and identifying areas most at risk for future fires.

Firewise Communities Show Results

Since its launch over 20 years ago, more than 1,900 communities have joined the Firewise USA program nationwide—and these numbers continue to grow every year! Even more encouraging is the fact that all of these communities have seen results from their efforts: fewer deaths due to wildfires, improved response times from first responders during fires, reduced property damage after fires occur, and improved air quality during active fire seasons.

It’s clear that the NFPA has had a major impact on helping communities across America prepare for future wildfires through its Firewise USA program. By providing a framework for neighbors to come together as one unit and take proactive steps towards reducing their wildfire risks—such as creating defensible spaces around homes or implementing early detection systems—the NFPA has helped create safer environments all across America while also saving countless lives in the process! If you live in an area prone to wildfires then we strongly suggest looking into joining your local Firewise site today!

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